Aussie UnderCover® installed in a Concrete Pit with Modwood/Ecowood Finish

Aussie UnderCover® installed in Paving with Timber Finish

Do you need a custom solution cover for your pool?

Is your pool an odd shape, oversized or is space limited?

Aussie UnderCover® can help you!

Yes! Please

Aussie UnderCover® installed in Concrete Pit with a Tiled Finish

Custom Installations with Aussie UnderCover®

More examples of different installation situations including a Super kit, which has two lid frames for wider pools.

Soil/Sand (in-ground) kit Retrofitted with a Timber Finish

Already have your pool. These are examples on how to retrofit the Aussie UnderCover® to your pool.

Soil/Sand (in-ground) kit with an Astroturf Finish

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