The Aussie UnderCover®


Underground Hidden Pool Cover System

Don’t want to wind your pool cover away?  Our Powered system is just what you need.  At the push of a button you can watch your pool cover roll away.  Stop at any time for adjustment if necessary.

Another push of a button and the motor will assist you return the cover to the pool.

The Semi remote-control unit will retract the cover after the leading waterline edge is lifted out of the pool.  Pull the cover while using the remote to replace the cover onto the pool.



Kits Delivered Australia Wide

 Purchase directly through us, your builder or a Dealer in your state. 

The Aussie UnderCover® Powered Difference

  • The powered unit takes exactly the same space as the manual winding system – Safe 24V low voltage system
  • The powered system can be added to the manual winding system
  • Smooth Semi Remote Control operation
  • Solar model available (Mid-late 2021)
Approx Waterline
Kit Name Pool Min Pool Max Lid
Lid Max
Petite 1.50 1.80 2.30 2.50*
Narrow 1.85 2.30 2.73 3.05*
Small 2.40 2.90 3.10 3.58*
Medium 3.00 3.60 3.70 4.20*
Large 3.70 4.10 4.40 4.80
LargePlus 4.20 4.20 4.40 4.90
Super 4.30 4.80 4.95 5.50**
SuperPlus (2 lids) 4.80 5.40 5.46 6.10**
SuperMax (2 lids) 5.50 6.00 6.20 7.30**
Custom (2 lids) 6.10 6.60 6.20 7.30**

* with extended lid frame joiners you can achieve approx 150mm additional length

** with extended lid frame joiners you can achieve approx 300mm additional length

Semi Remote Control Operation

The motor will roll the cover away for you after you lift the covers leading edge out of the water. It will roll forward when replacing the cover, but you must also pull the cover onto the pool and hold it taut as it rolls forward.

Aussie UnderCover® Power 21

24V Semi Remote Control System

Aussie UnderCover® Power 21 UPGRADE

24V Semi Remote Control System

Power21 Gearbox/Motor, transformer and remotes

Motor Upgrade to existing manual kit

Aussie UnderCover® installed in Paving with Timber Finish

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Manual Gearbox system – Gearbox 5 years, Gas Struts 2 years (back to base, we will pay return freight only)

Powered/Solar mechanism – 2 years motor, solar panel 1 year, Gas Struts 2 years (back to base, we will pay return freight only)