The Aussie UnderCover®


Underground Hidden Pool Cover System

Don’t want to wind your pool cover away?  Our Powered system is just what you need.  At the push of a button you can watch your pool cover roll away.  Stop at any time for adjustment if necessary.

Another push of a button and the motor will assist you return the cover to the pool.

The Semi remote-control unit will retract the cover after the leading waterline edge is lifted out of the pool.  Pull the cover while using the remote to replace the cover onto the pool.



The Aussie UnderCover® Powered Difference

  • The powered unit takes exactly the same space as the manual winding system – Safe 24V low voltage system
  • The powered system can be added to the manual winding system
  • Smooth Semi Remote Control operation
  • Solar model available (Mid-late 2021)

Aussie UnderCover® Power 21

24V Semi Remote Control System

Aussie UnderCover® Power 21 UPGRADE

24V Semi Remote Control System


Superior Materials

The lid frame is made from marine grade aluminum and finished with the product of your choice.


Easy Maintenance

Unlike other available systems, once installed, the pool cover and all system components are fully accessible for easy maintenance


Streamline System

Unlike other similar systems, the pool blanket is not mounted to the lid, reducing the weight and strain on the system


Easy 1 person operation

Smooth remote control operation with the lid supported by gas struts for easy, single person operation


Out of Sight

Your pool cover is hidden out-of-sight when not in use, greatly extending the life of the pool cover


Step-by-step installation instructions

We also provide plans as well

Aussie UnderCover® installed in Paving with Timber Finish

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Manual Gearbox system – Gearbox 5 years, Gas Struts 2 years (back to base, we will pay return freight only)

Powered/Solar mechanism – 2 years motor, solar panel 1 year, Gas Struts 2 years (back to base, we will pay return freight only)