The Aussie UnderCover® FAQ

Can I install the system myself?

Yes. Intermediate handyman skills required.  The installation instructions are very detailed providing a step-by-step process with photos and plans. Phone support is available to answer any questions.  We can also assist with the planning, sizing calculations and installation guidance.

How far from the pool should I place the system?

Directly behind the copers if possible, but it can be anywhere up to 1.5m comfortably. It can be further away but you will need to extend the cover connection ropes.  The further away the system is set the heavier the cover will seem.                                                                                                             

If I use tiles will the lid be heavy?

No. When you order the system, we ask for the thickness and sqm weight of your tiles/pavers. We use this information to calculate the correct gas struts that will open and close your lid with ease.  The gas struts can also be swapped out for heavier or lighter struts if necessary.

What pavers or tiles can I use on the lid frame?

  • Tile – 7.5mm Blueboard/Villaboard & 12mm, 15mm or 20mm tile
  • Tile – 12/15mm cement sheet & 8mm or 10mm tile

What adhesive do I use for tiles?

We recommend any outdoor flexible adhesive e.g., Armourflex

Can I wet lay and grout tiles?

No. Wet laying tiles on a grout bed will add too much weight.

Yes, you can grout the finished tiles if required.

What timber can I use on the lid frame?

Standard hardwoods or aluminium decking, 23mm Modwood / Ekodeck or another composite decking, up to 35mm thick.

What size do I make the pit?

The system is size adjustable.  You can line up the lid to your copers. The mechanism needs a minumum of 250/300mm past the waterline. The other end is generally the same but it can be reduced. 100mm is best if space is an issue but it can be flush if there is a wall.

To work out which size will work for you, do the following:

Pool water line width – coper overhang + coper width

e.g., 3.0m – 0.06m + 0.8m = 3.74m

Medium kit

e.g., 3.0m – 0.03m + 0.4m = 3.37m

Small Kit

Do we concrete the base of the pit?

No, it is best to leave the base open and have a drainage pipe covered by gravel. 

Can I pour concrete on the lid frame?

At present this is not an option as we cannot assess the weight of the finished material and the lid will flex and crack. You can pre-form your own 20mm thick tiles.

How do I clean my pool cover and stop debris falling into the water?

You pool cover is meant to collect dirt, leave, and foreign objects before the get into your pool. If your cover has debris on it, it is best removed prior to winding if possible.  Scoop up most of the debris. You can then hose it off while winding, there are also good cover cleaning products available, and/or you can pick up the end before the debris falls into the pool (this is what we do).

With someone to assist you, wind the cover in most of the way, then grab each corner of the cover, lift it out of the water and fold it over onto your pool deck area. Continue to wind the cover in until you can access the debris and remove it.

Power21 – Do I need an electrician?

A powerpoint is required for the transformer and this should be installed by an electrician and a conduit run to the location of the motor/gearbox.  Once you have the powerpoint, the Power21 system is 24V and can be installed without an electrician.  All the electrical cable required is provided with the kit. 5m is included as standard but this can be extended up to the length required for your situation, just let us know.

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