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 Hidden Underground Pool Cover System

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Pool covers are essential to maintain a good pool balance, retain heat and reduce water loss but why have a pool cover roller out in the open and obvious – Real Aussie Pools was the first to develop a solution to ensure that your pool area is sleek and stylish at all times! If you are after a concealed pool cover roller system, we have four kit styles which will suit most applications.

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The Aussie UnderCover® Difference

  • The first and still the most economical hidden pool cover system on the market
  • The ONLY system on the market that can be covered with decking or tiles, making it virtually invisible
  • Three (3) models and four (4) installation methods to suit your installation requirements and pool surround (decking or tiles) making it truly a “hidden pool cover system”
  • Smooth winding or remote control operation with the lid supported by gas struts for easy, single person operation
  • Each kit is customised to suit the product that you choose to conceal the lid frame, to either completely blend in and ‘disappear’, or constrast with its surroundings
  • Gas Struts are customised to each kit to match the weight of your chosen lid frame product
  • No hot metal surfaces around your pool, no burnt feet in summer!
  • Ten (10) adjustable sizes to suit pools up to 7.0m wide. 
  • Family owned and operated


Kits Delivered Australia Wide

 Purchase directly through us, your builder or a Dealer in your state. 


The Aussie UnderCover system is designed to be completely invisible in your landscape, or a feature.  The lid frame supplied with each kit is size adjustable, on site, which enables adjustments to be made during installation to suit your needs. The lid frame can adapt to its environment and be covered with tiles up to 20mm thick, timber or composite timber up to 35mm thick, synthetic turf or other products as required.

At present it is not possible to pour concrete directly onto the lid frame, BUT when pouring concrete it  is possible to form up your own matching tiles (up to 20mm thick) which can then be applied to the lid frame for a perfect concrete finish colour match.


Manual winding  |   Semi remote-control powered 24V


Questions? Refer to our FAQ page

To acheive the strength required to use tiles, timber or composite products on the lid frame, the supporting structure must be very solid. As a result our kit does not come in an “aluminium box”, but is designed to be installed into a pre-made structure, either concrete, block, decking or our sand/soil installation type.


Concrete Installation

Concrete Installation

The Concrete Installation kit is the most popular.  It works well where there is concrete around the pool or concrete under pavers.  The kit is then installed directly into the pit.  All specifications provided.

Under Deck Installation

Under Deck Installation

The under deck kit installs in a new or existing deck or an above ground bench. The lid frame is covered with matching hardwood, Modwood, other manufactured timber products or aluminium decking. All specifications provided.  

Soil/Sand installaltion

Soil/Sand installaltion

The Soil/Sand (In-Ground) kit is designed for installation in soil or sand.  Additional treated pine timber is required to form the in-ground frame using the framing bracket system included in the kit. All specifications provided. 



The mechanism only kit is designed for use where you have your own lid and installation cavity.  It may also be used if building an above ground bench seat.

Manual or Powered. 


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Other systems have followed the Aussie UnderCover® but we remain the most cost effective and customizable system on the market.

The manual Aussie UnderCover® kit includes an extended handle for simple operation. Remote Control powered and solar powered kits are also available.

Kits Delivered Australia Wide

 Purchase directly through us, your builder or a Dealer in your state. 

Aussie UnderCover® can be installed in any pool surround

Hidden pool covers have many names today – below ground box, concealed pool covers, underground pool covers, pool cover box, deck pool cover, inground pool covers, recessed pool blankets, hidden and integrated pool covers, hidden rollers, under deck pool rollers, under deck pool covers, pool blanket boxes, underground pool blanket boxes, below ground pool blanket boxes, automatic pool covers, hidden pool cover roller, hideaway pool covers, down under pool covers –

BUT essentially you want the benefits of a pool cover without having to see it, together with reliability and easy operation.


Superior Materials

The lid frame is made from marine grade aluminum and finished with the product of your choice.


Easy Maintenance

Unlike other available systems, once installed, the pool cover and all system components are fully accessible for easy maintenance


Streamline System

Unlike other similar systems, the pool blanket is not mounted to the lid, reducing the weight and strain on the system


Easy 1 person operation

Smooth winding or remote control operation with the lid supported by gas struts for easy, single person operation


Out of Sight

Your pool cover is hidden out-of-sight when not in use, greatly extending the life of the pool cover


Step-by-step installation instructions

We also provide plans as well


“Hi Sandra, I did the whole installation of the kit and the tiling of the lid etc to finish it after the pool and tiling had been done. I found your kit and instructions to be very comprehensive and pretty easy to follow and work out.

Very happy with the supplied kit overall, the installation and results. For the extra few thousand dollars overall to do the inground pool roller this way to have it out of the way, accessible and to maintain the view was worth it to me. I would definitely recommend your product to other people considering an inground pool roller set up.”

Dave, Freemans Reach

“Many thanks for all your help and ongoing instructions and support to reach the finished pool blanket roller. It’s fabulous!

Melissa, Kincumber NSW

Thanks for the extra struts, the lid is now nice and easier to open. It’s much better now 👍👍👍

Brad, Mountain Creek QLD

“Hi Sandra, just wanted to say thanks for your help with sorting out the strut upgrade kit to fix my heavy lid issue. When you worked out that the pool supplier had ordered the wrong type to suit a timber lid well that explained why!! The replacement strut kit and mounting brackets were spot on and after installing them much easier now without having to really reef the lid open, my wife can do it now.”

Dave, Freemans Reach

I inherited a pool with a very unusual pool cover arrangement whereby it was enclosed behind a wall making it very difficult to use. I spoke to many companies and the only one to come up with a solution was Aussie UnderCover – taking the time and effort to provide a cusotmised approach and using one of their high quality motors. it has been working extremely well. thanks particulalry to sandra for all the help.
Andy, Avalon Beach

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Complete installation instructions provided with each kit purchase.

Installation available in selected areas

Pro rata Warranty 

(back to base in Nowra NSW, we will pay return freight only).

Manual Gearbox system – Gearbox and all non moving parts 5 years , Gas Struts 2 years,  Telescopic Roller tube 5 years.

Powered/Gearbox mechanism – Motor 2 years , Gearbox and all non moving parts 5 years , Gas Struts 2 years,  Telescopic Roller tube 5 years.

Warranty conditions: Motor are not covered for submersion.

All repairs or replacements require the original parts to be returned to us for inspection and testing, if requested. No parts will be shipped prior to receiving the originals if return has been requested. Repair or replacement will be at our discretion and may include the use of refirbished equipment.